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Please ensure you read and understand the following terms and conditions pertinent to your accommodation rental. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Your rate is guaranteed against any further increase as soon as you have confirmed your booking and paid your deposit or full payment (unless these increases are brought by Government action). This guarantee is offered subject to our conditions of payment being adhered to and providing you do not make any further amendments to your vacation home reservation arrangements. Your vacation home rental includes: Accommodation as booked, including services e.g. local phone service if phone is available, gas, water and electricity, (excludes pool heating unless otherwise stated). NOT included in our rental prices: a) Flights b) Car Hire c) Travel Insurance d) Cost of pool heating, unless indicated.


            A). DEPOSIT: To confirm the booking, a deposit of 20% of the full rental cost for the period must be paid and the completed and signed booking form received. You must check the confirmation and final invoice carefully and raise any queries immediately.

            B). BALANCE: The balance of the rental fee is due at least 4 weeks prior to the commencement of the rental period. We reserve the right to treat the booking as cancelled if we do not receive the balance by the due date.

            C). ALTERATIONS: If, after confirmation of your reservation, you wish to make any changes an amendment fee of $50 may be charged. If the alteration is made 28 days or less prior to the rental date alteration charges may be applied.  Any amendment to the original booking will not be effective until it is received and agreed in writing by Sun ‘N’ Fun Vacation Homes

OBS: Full payment option is always available!

  1. CANCELLATION: In the event of cancellations, the 20% deposit is refundable less $100 administration fee IF written notice is received 28 or more days before the scheduled check in date. EXCEPTION; reservations for Holiday periods as shown on our price list & reservations of 21 nights or longer for these bookings no refund of the 20% deposit. For cancellations made 28 days or less prior to the check in date, no refund is due.

Sun N Fun Vacation Homes recommends that all guests take out adequate cancellation or vacation insurance either through their insurance broker or travel agent. 

  1. RENTAL PERIOD: The rental period of the property begins at 4pm on the day of arrival. The property must be vacant by 10am on the day of departure, unless otherwise stated. Guests may request a late departure 48 hours prior to departure subject to approval and a $50 charge.
  2. SUB-LETTING: The accommodation is reserved exclusively for the people named on the booking form, and no other persons whosoever are permitted to stay there, unless this has been agreed with “Sun N Fun Vacation Homes” in writing.

The amount collected upon reservation can be fully refundable in up to 07 business days if no damage is found. We recommend guests to buy a liability insurance to cover damages to the property in excess of the security deposit collected. Upon check-out an inspection will be conducted and if damages were found, they will be reported in up to 48hs.

  1. KEYS: The keys to the house, which will be collected in Florida, must not be copied. Some houses are self check-in and so no key is required. Instead guests will be provided with code in which must be kept safe.
  4. b) NON PET FRIENDLY HOMES: SECURITY DEPOSIT IS $ 300. Please make sure not to bring any pets to a non-Pet friendly home, otherwise if such breach is found, you will be charged a penalty of $100.

is collected upon reservation and is fully refundable in up to 07 business days if no damage is found.

Upon check-out an inspection will be conducted and if damages were found, they will be reported in up to 48hs.

  1. DAMAGE FEE: The Guest agrees that the Company can charge additional fees to cover:

-Early arrival or late departure charges without management approval - $100

-Non-return of keys $50 if applicable

-Loss or breakage of inventory items (Ex: towels, linens, pillows, blankets,etc...). The entire list  with prices is available inside the Property Information Binder left for you in the living room.

-Damage to the Property or its equipment (to be determined after analysis)

-Pets over allowance limit (02) in PET Friendly Homes - $50 per rental week

Where loss or damage to the Property, the inventory, or equipment exceeds $300 (Non-PET Friendly Homes - Offline Bookings), $500 (PET Friendly Homes - Offline Bookings), $150-$400 (PET Friendly and NON Pet Friendly Homes - Online Bookings) the Company will bill the Guest for the shortfall, and the Guest agrees to pay within 10 days. In the event that the Guest fails to pay any such shortfall, the Company reserves the right to exercise any legal remedies to pursue the amount owed from the Guest. Where the Company finds damage or loss to the Property following the Guests departure that, in the view of the Company, constitutes malicious or wanton damage, the Company reserves the right to notify law enforcement authorities and prosecute, in addition to billing the Guest for the full amount of repair or replacement, and the Guest agrees to pay within 10 days.


  1. R.V. PARKING: Parking of Recreational Vehicles is not permitted, on the driveway or grass of the house.
  2. SAFETY: The owners of the property or their agents cannot accept any responsibility whatsoever and howsoever caused for injury or damage caused as a result of the use of the pool, (if applicable), and the surrounding area. Guests are specifically requested not to swim alone; children must be supervised at all times.
  3. BASIC OF RENTAL: Properties offered for short-term rental through Sun N Fun Vacation Homes are provided on a self-catering basis. Sun N Fun Vacation Homes provides complimentary starter items of toilet paper (one per toilet), small hand soaps, dishwasher tablet and a trash bag. Once these items are used, it is the guests responsibility to replenish them.
  4. SERVICE LEVEL: Sun N Fun Vacation Homes makes all reasonable efforts to maintain each property and its equipment in good working order. Wherever commercially possible, repairs are performed within 24 hours, but sometimes delays are inevitable. No refunds are granted for malfunctioning mechanical or electrical equipment including (but not limited to): inoperable appliances, air-conditioning units, pools and/or spas. No refunds will be given for unfavorable weather, early departure, utility service interruption, construction, or maintenance issues. Additionally, there are no refunds for faulty recording or playback equipment, TVs, audio, telecoms, cable reception, computer equipment or internet access.
  5. Guest(s) shall be solely responsible for any property damage, accident injury to any person or loss sustained by any person, including loss of money, jewelry, and other items of personal property, arising out of or in any way related to Guest(s) use of the premises or the items of personal property provided by Sun N Fun Vacation Homes, the Owner at Guest(s) request. Guests must always secure the house while staying and more important before checking-out. If any doors, windows, garage door is left open and inventory is missing resulting to that, security deposit will be immediately held and exceeded damages will be charged to your credit card at your own expense. We might also take legal action against guests so we can recuperate the money from the inventory stolen/missing.

Guest(s) shall inspect and be familiar with proper use and application of such items prior to using them. Guest(s) hereby agrees to INDEMNIFY and hold Sun N Fun Vacation Homes and/or Homeowner harmless from any and all claims including those of third parties, arising out of or in any way related to Guest(s) use of premises or the items of personal property provided therein. Guest(s) assumes the risk of injury or other losses relating to any recreational activities and will hold owner and its agents harmless with respect there to. Guest(s) shall leave premises in clean, undamaged condition. If unit is not left in suitable condition, guest understands that Sun  N Fun Vacation Homes reserves the right to charge guests credit card on file for any repairs or special cleaning. Refer to departure instructions posted in the vacation guidelines binder at the property.

  1. LIMITATION OF LIABILITY: Sun N Fun Vacation Homes makes all reasonable efforts to provide advice and safety information. This information can be found in the Vacation Home Guidelines at the Property. It is the responsibility of the Guest to ensure that they have read and understood the contents and advice given following arrival at the Property. Sun N Fun Vacation Homes is willing to provide any and all further information pertaining to the Property providing the Guest has first read the Vacation Home Guidelines. In addition, Sun N Fun Vacation Homes states the following:

Sun N Fun Vacation Homes and/or the Owner will not release the physical address or lock box code of the Property to the Guest prior to payment and a signed booking form agreement . This is a security measure.

Sun N Fun Vacation Homes and/or the Owner do not accept liability for lost or stolen personal property of the Guest from the Property during the Rental Period.

Sun N Fun Vacation Homes and/or the owner accept no responsibility for any personal items that are left behind by guests in the property.

Sun N Fun Vacation Homes or its representatives may enter the Property at any time, without notice, for the purposes of protection and/or maintenance of the Property. Wherever possible, Sun N Fun Vacation Homes will provide notice to the Guest prior to such entrance.

Sun N Fun Vacation Homes and/or the Owner accept no liability for personal loss or injury to the Guest during the Rental Period. The Guest must ensure that they have adequate insurance coverage.

The Guest must ensure that Children are supervised at all times. It is the policy of Sun N  Fun Vacation Homes that all Children under the age of 18 years are not left in rental accommodation un-supervised during the rental period.

Sun N Fun Vacation Homes and/or the Owner do not accept any liability for the acts or omissions of any agent. These include but are not limited to, airlines, car-hire companies, travel agents, ticket agents, homeowners, or utility providers.


Sun N Fun Vacation Homes and or the owner accept no liability for any issues relating to services or amenities that are part of any Resort community facilities, community pools, clubhouse facilities etc.

Most vacation home communities do not allow coaches, commercial vehicles, trailers or RV's. It is the guest responsibility to arrange off site parking for these types of vehicles.

Sun N Fun Vacation Homes and/or the Owner do not accept liability for failure of pool heat to provide adequate heating where pool heat is provided via an electrical heat pump, and where the outside air temperature drops below 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Electric heating pumps do not operate effectively below this temperature, and failure of such devices to heat the pool is outside of the Company's control. In most cases your pool will warm to a daytime temperature of between 70 and 88 degrees. Be advised; homes with spa attached to pool, the temperature of the spa will be the same or close as the pool temperature. The spa is NOT a hot tub! The water in the spa and the water in the pool are within the same flow circuit and use the same heating system and temperatures for each unit are not able to be set separately.

The owners of the property or their agents will not be liable for loss or delay occasioned by any of the following: strikes, riots, political unrest, hostilities, war or threat of war, terrorist activity, industrial disputes, fire, flood, technical/weather problems with transport, aircraft grounding, closure of airports or ports, weather conditions or any other event beyond the owner’s or their agents’ control including effects of below average temperatures on pool heating equipment as already explained above.

Sun N Fun Vacation Homes does not accept liability for removal of the Property from the marketplace, or transfer of the Property to another company by the Owner or for any other reason that results in the Property becoming unavailable for the Rental Period. Wherever such an event occurs, Sun N Fun Vacation Homes will offer the Guest a suitable alternative accommodation of equal or better quality (additional fees may apply), subject to availability. In the event that the Guest refuses the offered alternate property, then the Guest may cancel the booking, and the Company will refund the Total Rental Fee paid less the applicable cancellation penalty percentage rate (if applicable). If no such alternative is available for the guest dates, Sun N Fun Vacation Homes will refund the guest money already paid on its totality.

Sun N Fun Vacation Homes will not be liable for any additional expense that the guest incurs if the guest has refused the alternative property offered.

  1. HEALTH AND TRAVEL INSURANCE: We strongly recommend getting Travel Insurance. Please refer to our website for Travel Safe Vacation Insurance.
  2. TRASH COLLECTION: Please follow trash schedule. There is a fine of up to $100 for excessive trash. We provide instructions on the arrival instructions email sent at least 15 days prior your check-in and it is also available in the house manual located inside the property.

I/WE ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY CHARGES DUE TO DAMAGE IN EXCESS OF THE SECURITY DEPOSIT DECLARATION: I agree to accept the reservation conditions on behalf of all persons listed on the reservation. I understand no reservations can be held longer than the notified option without deposit payment and completed reservation.  Full payment is due for reservations made less than 4 weeks prior to arrival.


ATTENTION – PLEASE READ Dear Dog/Pet Owners  We have some restrictions regarding dogs (for most dog owners these are the norm for them!) However, failure to comply will result in deductions from your security deposit. 

Please always clean up immediately after your dog in the yard and anywhere you take them around the subdivision. 

Kissimmee/Davenport is a leash law area, all dogs must be on a leash at all times unless in the backyard. 

Please crate your dog(s) when / if they are left alone in the house. 

Please do not let your dogs on the furniture (including beds) without putting your own cover/blanket on first. 

Linens / Towels provided in the home are not to be used for your dog. 

Please do not bath your dog in the house. 

Please do not let your dog swim in the pool, oil from the coat clings to the pool wall and is very hard to remove, hair also clogs the skimmer and damages the filter!  It is also very bad for the dog’s skin! 

Please do not groom your dog by the pool; the hair causes the same problems listed above. 

Please do not use house bowls or china to feed or give water to your dog. 

Do not barricade the gates to the yard, as the pool and lawn care companies must have access. 

Please do not let your dogs damage the pool screen. 

Max Number of dogs allowed per home: 02 Medium Size.

We appreciate your cooperation so we can continue to welcome dogs to a selection of our houses.

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